• Agriculture, Forestry, & Fisheries
    0100 Agricultural, forestry, fisheries, production/services
  • Mining
    1000 Mining
    1300 Oil & Gas Extraction
  • Contract Construction
    1500 Construction
  • Manufacturing
    2000 Food/kindred products
    2100 Tobacco manufacturers
    2200 Textile mill products/apparel
    2400 Lumber/wood products (incl. furniture/fixtures)
    2600 Paper & allied products (incl. printing/publishing)
    2800 Chemicals
    2830 Drugs and research
    2840 Petroleum refining and related industries
    3010 Rubber and plastics products
    3100 Leather, stone and glass products
    3300 Primary metal industries
    3400 Fabricated metal products (including non-electric machinery)
    3500 Industrial and commercial machinery
    3510 Aerospace
    3520 Computers and related devices/equipment
    3600 Electrical machinery, electronic equipment & supplies
    3700 Transportation equipment
    3800 Scientific, photographic, medical goods
    3900 Miscellaneous manufacturing industries
  • Transportation, Communications & Utility Services
    4000 Land transportation
    4400 Water transportation
    4500 Air transportation
    4700 Other transportation services
    4800 Communication services
    4810 Telecommunications
    4900 Electric/gas/sanitary services
    4910 Gas services
    4920 Gas and electric services
    4930 Sanitary services
  • Financial, Insurance, & Real Estate
    6000 Banking & financial institutions
    6030 Nonbanking bank services (e.g., leasing)
    6040 Thrift and savings & loan organizations
    6100 Credit unions
    6130 Other credit agencies
    6200 Security and commodity services
    6300 Insurance carriers, agents, services
    6500 Real estate services
    6700 Holding/investment companies
  • Services
    7000 Hotels/lodging services
    7200 Personal/social services
    7300 Contracted audit services
    7310 Management consultants
    7320 Information technology services
    7330 Executive placement services
    7500 Repair services
    7600 Gaming/lottery
    7800 Motion pictures/amusement & recreational services
    8000 Health services
    8100 Legal services
    8200 Educational services
    8600 Membership organizations
    8900 Public accounting/accounting/bookkeeping services
    8910 Miscellaneous services
  • Wholesale & Retail Trade
    5000 Wholesale trade
    5300 Retail trade
    5800 Eating and drinking places
  • Government
    9100 Federal/national government
    9200 State/provincial government
    9300 Local government
    9400 International government
  • Nonclassifiable
    9900 Nonclassifiable establishments

Jobs Code

200 Chief Auditing Executive
— I am the most senior auditing officer for the organization with ultimate responsibility for the entire internal auditing function.

210 Director of Auditing
— I am the chief auditor authorized to direct a broad, comprehensive program of internal auditing within my organization.

220 Auditing Manager
— I administer the internal auditing activity of an assigned location within the general guidelines provided by the director of auditing.

230 Auditing Staff
— I conduct, or assist in conducting, reviews of assigned organizational and functional activities.

245 IT Auditing Director
– I am head of the IT auditing activity within my organization.

250 IT Auditing Manager
— I administer the IT auditing activity of an assigned location within the general guidelines provided by the director of auditing.

260 IT Auditing Staff
— I conduct, or assist in conducting, reviews of assigned organizational and functional activities related to IT auditing.

275 Audit Services Contractor
— I offer internal audit services on a contracted basis.

280 External Public Accountant
— I am a practicing public accountant, chartered accountant, etc.

300 Corporate Management
— I am a corporate officer, CFO, CIO, CEO (and do not qualify under another job code above).

310 Educator
— I am principally employed as an educator at a college or university (PhD., DBA, EdD., etc.).

320 Student
— I am pursuing a degreed program at a college or university (including doctoral candidates) on a full-time basis.

330 Retired
— I am retired from active employment (otherwise refer to another job code).

340 Audit Committee Member
— I am an audit committee member of a corporate board of directors (and do not qualify under another job code above).

350 Management Consultant
— I am primarily an independent consultant with an interest in internal auditing (otherwise refer to another job code).

360 Other
– Specify title or job description


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